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If you are interested in the following:

Backstage or Sound Manager
Assistant Director/Award Captain
Front Retail Table


We ask you to acquaint yourself with our philosophy and our company, because we are somewhat unique! We hope to find people who are a good fit for us, and we want to make sure we are a good fit for you.


Starting July 10th you can email us and apply for a position with our company. Please include the position you are submitting for in the subject line.

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Here are the guidelines to applying to join our judging staff  STARTING JULY 10TH 2017.

1. Read about our philosophy on this web site at this link:


2. Make a 1 minute "selfie video" of yourself .This should be a "talking head" video and can easily be done on your phone. No fancy editing is necessary. We just want to experience your articulation, speaking style, and personality. Tell us:


     a. Your name

     b. Where you live and travel from

     c. What position you are applying for

     d. Your background and experience in the dance world


*If we believe you are a GREAT fit for our company we will further you along in our process*



Dear CR Ultimate Dance Judges,


This year, I will not be able to talk with many of you before competition, so this letter will take the place of that chat. Although you were hired for your expertise (that I admire greatly!) we all need to be on the same page when it comes to our commentary and what we are looking for during a dancer's performance at Ultimate Dance.


I realize that I'm different. And my philosophy isn't very "competitiony". But the customer service to our clients is unique and appreciated by the people that choose us.



 hen we get to competition, YOU are the main interface between my clients and me. I don't have to tell you it has taken years to develop a clientele, so this is a very big deal. You were chosen for your expertise, your upbeat nature, your well rounded career as performer/educator.


I would like you to judge the kids on THREE criteria. Technique, Precision (well rehearsed) and Stage Presence. That's it. When you judge on only those three things, it keeps the judging objective. Whether you like or dislike a particular genre will be irrelevant. Please SAY THOSE THREE WORDS many times throughout your commentary. Technique. Stage Presence. Precision.


Feel free to comment on costumes, grooming, etc. (but don't take off points, the kids have no control over costumes most of the time). If a costume seems inappropriate  (too short of booty shorts with no tights, for instance) please feel free to make a comment like " I would like to see a bit more coverage,or tights." but mention you only judge of Technique, Precision and Stage presence so your costume comments are just a "tip" .


We strive for artistry, but remember.... the dances themselves are just judged on Technique, Precision and Stage Presence. For recognizing artistry, you will be awarding "special awards", such as the Choreography Award, the White Diamond Award, the Artistic Innovation Award, etc.


I ask my judges to think of themselves more as "performing arts consultants" for the teachers, and "coaches to help improve and inspire" for the dancers.


We are much more about the performance and the artistic integrity than about "winners and losers". Your most important contribution is your commentary to the dancers and teachers. It has to be about "customer service" to the teachers so their kids want to go home and work harder because they are inspired. (when kids go home crying and quit dance after competitions, it's not very good for the teacher's business plan.) We want to HELP the teacher's business, which means the kids and parents have to have a great time and feel like they got helpful and caring "tips" on how to improve.


Listed below are some of the top critique comments.

Pointed (stretched) feet

Pull up (and use of abdominals)

Shoulders down, correct placement

Arm placement, general port de bras


Getting high on releve

Straight legs on kicks, leaps, etc.

Connecting passe to standing leg

Enter and Exit as part of the performance

Connection to music , story


Feet stretched when "leaving the ground"

Connection to Audience

Command of Stage


Well rehearsed or needs more rehearsal (Precision)


Thanks, I so appreciate your dedication, expertise and commitment to the kids. I'm very grateful to be surrounded by the top professionals in the industry, YOU! Looking forward to another successful season.




Cathy Roe





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