We are always interested in adding professional, experienced, charismatic, educated, hard working, fun loving people to our team. Sound like you?


If you are interested in the following:

Backstage or Sound Manager
Assistant Director/Award Captain
Front Retail Table


We ask you to acquaint yourself with our philosophy and our company, because we are somewhat unique! We hope to find people who are a good fit for us, and we want to make sure we are a good fit for you.


Starting July 10th you can email us and apply for a position with our company. Please include the position you are submitting for in the subject line.

The email address specifically for staff is


Here are the guidelines to applying to join our judging staff  STARTING JULY 10TH 2018.

1. Read about our philosophy on this web site at this link:


2. Make a 1 minute "selfie video" of yourself .This should be a "talking head" video and can easily be done on your phone. No fancy editing is necessary. We just want to experience your articulation, speaking style, and personality. Tell us:


     a. Your name

     b. Where you live and travel from

     c. What position you are applying for

     d. Your background and experience in the dance world


*If we believe you are a GREAT fit for our company we will further you along in our process*



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