Our National finals is not just a competition, but a summer experience like NO OTHER.

Your dancers will have the best week of the summer. In fact, more than a few dancers told

me that they had the best week of their lives!



Because of the relationships, friendships and camaraderie we promote along with the performance experience.


Our dance companies, seminars and special events truly "dare to be different".  They are designed to encourage all dancers to create friendships,networks, and think of everyone at Nationals as one big dance community.


We strive to assist our dancers in creating fun, lasting relationships that last for years to come.




Why CRU Dance's National Finals?


Click on the pictures below to learn all about our National Companies

  Dance Spectacular Co.he Dance Spectacular Co.

       Cru Crew Dance Co.The CRU Crew

On Broadway Dance Co.

        Elite Petites Dance Co.he Elite Petite Dance Co.

         Heart & Soul Co.The Heart & Soul Dance Co.

"Your competition is so special as it really unites all the teams together, and competing becomes only a small part of the huge and magnificent experience your nationals week offers."      Claire C.

How it works:

National Companies are by invitation only. Invitations are given at all regional competitions 2018.


Rehearsals start Tuesday. Click on the pictures above for information


National Company dancers continue meeting Wed-Sat. in the mornings from 8:00- noon.

Competition then starts Wednesday, at  approx. 1:00 p.m.



National companies perform before awards on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

All dancers in the National Dance Companies (Dance Spectacular, Fashion Show, DTV, Heart & Soul, CRU Crew and Elite Petite, On Broadway) must be registered for the competition and must be in at least one dance in the competition. Independent dancers coming without their studios can come as "Independents".