Our Directors

Headshot of Cathy Roe

Cathy Roe

has been a leader in the dance industry for over two decades, pioneering dance education through her instructional videos and DVDs since 1990, and producing over 150 films which sell internationally. She has been named a master teacher by numerous educational institutions, and has been the recipient of many choreography awards, including the prestigious New York Film and Television Award for her work at Hong Kong Television.


Cathy started Ultimate Dance in 2004, in hopes of offering choreographers a stage where innovation, technique and entertainment value would be awarded and appreciated. Cathy encourages dancers to be visionaries and to promote dance as a personal art form - realizing the importance of technique, and never having fear of being "different".


Cathy's credentials also include acting as Dance Director for the University of Hawaii, Hilo, teacher/choreographer for Hong Kong Television, adjudicator for numerous competitions and last but not least, the hardest job of them all….dance studio owner and director.



Head Shot of Cindy Dunsmoor

Cindy Dunsmoor

and her company, Media Essentials, have been a crucial part of Cathy Roe Productions since the mid 1990s. As videographer and editor, Cindy helped to pioneer Cathy’s video and DVD production company. With advanced technological education and certification, Cindy engineered the software programs for Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance, including the groundbreaking debut of the single CD that teachers receive, with all judges comments on one CD at the conclusion of our competitions.


Ultimate Dance welcomes Cindy as our new administrative director / manager, which comes after many years of her work with the Kellogg’s Company, designing and implementing their multi media projects globally. Cindy’s education (BA in Communications, Fine Arts, Business) , computer certifications (CNA,CNE, MCP, A+) and work experience have come together to bring you Cindy Dunsmoor's Media Essentials, a media training and production company that puts life into communications.


From Our Family to Yours.....Cathy and Cindy

Directors Cathy Roe and Cindy Dunsmoor are sisters, and have worked together to bring you the videos and DVDs of Cathy Roe Productions for 2 decades. Now the directors of Ultimate Dance Competitions, they bring in the rest of the family to meet and serve you. You may see their Mom and Dad at the front desk helping dancers find their way around the theater, or Nicky (Cathy's nephew ) with his refreshment stand in the lobby, or Jim (Cindy's husband) filming your dancers for their DVDs. Our nieces, nephews, and aunts are often seen back stage managing.

We know the value of family, of making the dancers and their parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas have a wonderful and meaningful experience. Let's face it, if the family is in the audience cheering and hugging and expressing pride in their dancer(s), there is NO trophy that can compete with that!

We want your good memories to last a lifetime, and as your children grow up they will remember the thundering applause in that third row back there, where their teachers, friends and entire family yelled "bravo!" and radiated with love and pride.


Sisters Cathy Roe and Cindy Dunsmoor sitting on bench together