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Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance was founded in 2004 to change the face of dance choreographed for competition. Over the years we have witnessed dance on the competition stage become very cliché and predictable. Although some tricks are very impressive when done with the proper technique, we don't feel they are necessary to win. Those who feel tricks are essential to winning a platinum award are sending the message that dance has become a sport, when in fact it should be honored and protected as an art form. There is no check list when creating art. CRU Dance wants to encourage you to leave your check list at home and "Dare Be Different". Don't be afraid to come to our competition with your "out there" ideas.  We are committed to supporting your artistic vision.








CRU Dance wants EVERYONE to be acknowledged for their hard work and participation. We are interested in giving diplomatic but honest critique with the intention of helping dancers get higher scores, stronger skills, and greater success in the future. Ultimate Dance wants to empower the dancer by reinforcing their hard work and correct technique. We notice, compliment, and encourage!














Think of CRU Dance as "Performance Consultants" for the teacher. We want to be "another set of eyes" for you, our colleague. Ultimate Dance is committed to validating what YOU, the teacher, work toward. We reinforce what you already communicate to your students: There is no replacement for strong technique, stage presence, and precision. Our judges are professional teachers and choreographers. They have experience on stage, in the studio, and in teaching students of all levels and ages. Their goal is to assist all dancers by making constructive suggestions that will encourage them to become their absolute best.







Our competitions are always held in beautiful theater auditoriums on a stage. We want our dancers to have the experience of what it is like to be a professional dancer in a performing company. Our stages always have professional marley dance floors,  theatrical wings, stage lighting  and the opportunity for the audience to be in graduated level seating so everyone can see the dancers. So you will never find us in ballrooms or with huge, busy backdrops and sets that distract from the artistry of the dancers themselves. We project our simple gobo on to the cyclorama, and are devoted to letting the DANCERS being the center of attention while they are on stage.




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