Protege and Intern Training Program

One of our most valuable offerings is our protege and intern training programs. During regional competitions, Cathy invites dancers who have attended in the past and have shown leadership qualities and professional attitudes. These dancers train while attending our National finals, learning the business "from the other side of the stage". They join our staff for a variety of behind the scenes jobs (preparing the trophy table, assisting with check in, lobby hostess, assist the directors). Select interns are even trained to emcee and are given time at the podium under the tutelage of Cathy Roe and Emcee Extraordinaire, Mark Moschello.


Many of our past proteges and interns are now on our staff as emcees, assistant directors, lobby directors and choreographers for our National Companies.

Elliott Mattox, former competitor and protege,  now joins our staff as emcee and judge.

Kristen Beyer, former competitor, protege and intern now joins our staff as assistant director and choreographer for our National Dance TV Company

Katie Marshall, former competitor, protege and intern, now joins our staff as emcee, judge, and choreographer for our National Fashion Show Company.