Rules and Regulations

General Rules


There is no limit to the number of regional competitions a studio and/or independent dancer may compete. However, regional award winning routines from previous competitions are not eligible for high scores awarded from a previous regional competition in the same year, but are eligible for special awards.  Please notify CRU Dance of any prior winnings.


All contestants must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.


In the event that the competition is ahead of schedule or re-ordering has occurred, competing dancers must be ready to perform 2 hours prior to scheduled time. Contestant must perform on his/her designated day and in the order stated in the program unless officials of CRU Dance change the line-up.


A solo performer may not compete against him or herself in a given genre. A soloist may perform more than one routine in a category, as long as the routines are in different dance genres. Soloists may only place once in the high score rankings.


It is permissible to compete against yourself in Groups. At the National Finals, dancers can be replaced, if necessary, as long as 50% or more of the original dancers are in the routine. Teachers are required to notify CRU Dance of these replacements.


Under no circumstances will a performer be allowed to re-perform any number unless the number has been interrupted by a technical error on the part of CRU Dance, an electrical failure, or any extenuating circumstance on the part of CRU Dance solely, that heretofore is unforeseen. Conditions of a stage are not the responsibility of CRU Dance and will not be considered in the re-performance of an entry.


CRU Dance reserves the right to cancel a competition if a minimal number of entries are not received. In such cases, all monies will be refunded. However, in cases where the minimal number of entries is received, registration fees are non-refundable.


Prior to each competition schedules will be emailed to directors. Schedules will be available no later than one week prior to event.


Music uploads will be available up until the Tuesday before the competition event.


Any dance containing more than 3 tumbling passes will be placed in the Open or Acrobatic category.





It is agreed upon entering any CRU Dance sponsored event that CRU Dance and it's staff, it's sponsors, the hotel, theater or site of the convention or competition will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating or attending these events. CRU Dance cannot be held responsible for unforeseen flaws in theater stages that may inadvertently lead to the causing of an accident. Persons entering the competition and/or participating as a spectator or in any other aspect MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury. It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and/or person in charge of a participating group to educate all entrants, their parents, and attendees on the rules and policies of CRU Dance.


Participation in any CRU DANCE sponsored event indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional purposes including, newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, newsletters, Internet or any other commercial use.


CRU Dance assumes no responsibility for forgotten CDs, photographs, awards, or other items.


Participants agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the Director of CRU Dance and that all results of a competition are final. Judges break all ties. No teacher, student, or parent will question a judge. The Director has the right to change the manner and method at any time deemed necessary.  The Director of the CRU Dance competition reserves the rights to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.


CRU Dance reserves the right, when necessary, to move a competition site or to expand a competition to a multiple day event.



Judging /Scoring System


All entries are judged and scored by a panel of qualified and competent judges. The method of judging is solely within the discretion of CRU. All judges' scores are final and are unchangeable.


Judging Criteria -The scores and comments reflect the opinions of the judges and not necessarily the opinions of CRU Directors and Staff. Judges will score on the following:





Each judge can award a routine up to 100 points based on the system below.  All judges' scores will be combined to create the final score. CRU reserves the right to bring in a fourth judge.


CRU score sheets/judge's video commentary will be available to studio owners/directors on the Monday following the competition weekend.  Score sheets will be emailed to the emaill address on file on and judge's video commentary will be available on  CRU is not responsible for mailing score sheets/CD’s.


All entries will be adjudicated based on the level with their own scoring system.













Props and Flooring


None of the following props are permitted:


Swords, knives, or any other sharp objects

Fire in any form (candles, torches, etc.)

Fog or smoke

Helium balloons

Special lighting


All props must be Marley safe. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, powder or paint may be used that will physically alter the surface of the marley floor.


Prop set-up and break down time should take less than 30 seconds. Dances requiring more time will need to purchase an extension to avoid penalties.  Non-compliance will result in a deduction of 10 points. Entrant is responsible for any necessary cleanup involving prop usage after each performance.


Any props that require assembly with nails or screws need to be completed in a designated area.  There can be absolutely NO sharp objects such as nails or screws allowed loose in the performance areas at any time.


Music Guidelines


NEW- Two ways to submit music-: CD or Upload (We do not accept Music on flash drives, USB keys, or by email)

CRU Dance  is transitioning into an electronic music file upload system. Studios have access via online registration to upload and preview their music files. All uploads must be submitted before the Tuesday before the competition weekend.


CD's may be submitted to the registration desk upon arriving at the competition or no less than 3 hours prior to the scheduled routine. Each routine must be on a newly mastered CD for each individual routine. No multiple tracks!  CD's must include title of dance, studio name/designated letter, and performance number written in black permanent marker on the face of the CD.  NO LABELS ARE ALLOWED.


CRU Dance is absolutely not responsible for the quality of your music.  All music must be cut, edited and of the correct pitch. All tempos, pitches and keys must be correct on each track. . Studio owners should have at least two backup copies of all music on individual CD's.


Please adhere to the following time limitations: Solo, Duet/Trios: 2:45 minutes, Small groups: 3:00 minutes max Large Groups: 4 minute max Line/Production: 8 minutes max.  There will be a 10-point deduction for non-compliance.


Please note that additional time may be purchased at $25 for each additional 30 seconds (groups only).  This is automatically calculated when using Online Registration.


Teachers must use professional judgment with music selection. Music containing lyrics of an explicit or sexual nature is prohibited, and the entry will be disqualified. This also includes choreography that is deemed age-inappropriate. Depending on the degree of inappropriateness, CRU Dance and the judges will either deduct points or disqualify the routine. CRU has a low tolerance policy for distasteful performances.


It is the responsibility of the studio to obtain music copyright fees with appropriate organizations, such as ASCAP and BMI.




Cameras / Photos / Video


NO CAMERAS of any kind will be allowed in the auditorium during performances. Use of cameras during performances may result in point deduction, disqualification of routine, or disqualification of studio. PLEASE WARN PARENTS.


Professional videotapes will be available for purchase during the competition. In the event there is not a photographer, CRU dance may make the use of a video pass to allow one representative from each studio to take photos from a designated area. No photos will be allowed in the auditorium general audience areas or seats.  No video taping will be allowed.


Video cameras and flash photography are welcomed during award ceremonies.



More Information:


Visit our Levels/Divisions/Genre page or our Registration Guidelines page for more information.