Since its inception in 2004, CRU Dance has remained committed to the artistry of dance and the dancers for which we serve. We believe in recognizing dancers on all levels while preserving the art form on which competitive dance has been built.

CRU Dance acknowledges dancers not simply with a trophy, but rather opportunity. Whether a dancer is invited to one of our 6 national performance companies, awarded an academic achievement award, college scholarship through our commercial dance & entertainment recruiting platform, cover model winners, or special performance opportunity recipients, it is our goal to ensure that we continue to provide more than just a trophy, but rather, an experience.

CRU Dance has and will always remain a community of studio director’s, teachers, choreographers, dancers, parents, and staff and we look forward to welcoming you all as family year after year. Dance and specifically competitive dance, is ever-changing and continues to evolve year after year. Our promise to you as we travel through this journey together, is to maintain the values and integrity that CRU Dance has always been known for while continuing to provide experience and opportunity for all who grace our stage now and in the years to come.

Returning This Season!

Our college & entertainment recruiting platform for the Commercial Dance Industry! ConnectsU provides aspiring dancers ages 13 & up with the tools necessary to get noticed, get known, and get on track to a career in the ever expanding commercial dance industry!

MSA Talent
Studio School

Join The CRU Team!

We are always interested in adding professional, experienced, charismatic, educated, hard working, fun loving people to our team. Sound like you?
If you are interested in the following:

  • Judge
  • Emcee
  • Retail Manager
  • Backstage Manager
  • Sound Manager
  • Cargo Van Driver
  • Assistant Show Director
  • Show Director

You can email us and apply for a position with our company. Please include the position you are submitting for in the subject line.

The email address specifically for staff is [email protected].

Make a 1-minute “selfie video” of yourself. This should be a “talking head” video and can easily be done on your phone. No fancy editing is necessary. We just want to experience your articulation, speaking style, and personality. Tell us:

  • Your name
  • Where you live and travel from
  • What position you are applying for
  • Your background and experience in the dance world

*If we believe you are a GREAT fit for our company we will further you along in our process.*

CRU Dance Staff Group Photo