2023 National Finals

Teacher’s Vouchers/VIP Badges

Concession vouchers can be redeemed at the concession stands located across from the Exploration
Hall.  VIP badges allow you go to backstage, take/observe master classes, and sit in the reserved
teacher rows. 

Master Classes/Registration
Master Classes begin Monday, June 26th through Friday, June 30th.  They will be offered in the afternoon for both 12 & under and 13 & over.  Master Class awards will follow, parents are welcome to join at this time.  Only teachers can take/observe classes with their VIP badges. 

All Access Package    3 Classes         $60   (All Access Package cannot be purchased on site, online only)
A la carte                                             $45/per class 

Master Class registration opens Tuesday, June 13th at 8:00am, the site is below.  Deadline to register is Thursday, June 22nd.  Dancers can pick up their class numbers at our Retail booth beginning Monday, June 26th at 1:00pm.  Individual classes can only be purchased on site from our Retail booth, they are $45.00 per class.

Teacher’s Reception

Monday, June 26th – 8:00pm-10:00pm
(Public House – Terrace) 
We cordially invite you and your teachers to join CRU Dance’s Director’s, Sean and Kate, for a private reception party.  A great time to connect with others, relax, and kick off Nationals week!  Cocktails and Hors D’oeuvres to be served.  

Dancer Welcome Party

Monday, June 26th – 8:00pm-9:30pm
(Exploration Hall) 
Dancers come join us to kick off our National Finals week with an evening of pizza, DJ, dance floor, and fun just for YOU!  Dancers only.  Dress to impress with dresses and dress shirts! 

*NEW* CRU Dance Spirit Days

Have your dancers, parents, teachers get involved and show us your spirit.  Dress according to the theme each day below.  All submissions must be posted on the main studio’s Instagram account.  Tag @CRUDance and use hashtag #CRUDanceSpirit.  All submissions must be posted by 6:00pm that day. 
The winner will be based upon creativity and will receive a $500 studio scholarship.  

Tuesday, June 27th (Beach Day)
            1. Record a 30 second dance routine with your studio to “Walking on Sunshine.”
            2. Take a picture of your studio in their beach attire, bonus points for creativity! 

Wednesday, June 28th (90’s Day)
            1. Have a 90’s workout as apart of your warm up, video what you did.
            2. Record two 8-counts to “Ice Ice Baby” with a CRU Dance Staff Member. 

Thursday, June 29th (Studio Spirit Day)
            1. Do a fashion show of your studio spirit gear and post a reel.
            2. Have your parents/teachers strike a pose in their gear with a CRU Dance Staff Member.

Mid-week Teacher Mimosa’s 

Wednesday, June 28th – 10:00am-1:00pm
(Bar in the Exploration Hall) 
We made it to the middle of the week so let’s celebrate with your favorite brunch themed cocktail!  This voucher may be used to redeem your complimentary Mimosa.  Simply visit the bar inside of the Exploration Hall between 10:00am-1:00pm to redeem, CHEERS!

National Company Dancer Recognition
12 & Under Company Dancers          12:00pm-1:00pm
13 & Over Company Dancers             1:30pm-2:30pm
(Main Stage) 

Any dancer that was selected at our regional events to be on one of our 7 National Companies is invited to attend.  A complimentary pretzel party will be offered, and dancers will have their photo taken with our National Company backdrop.  Dancers can come at any time during the time frame. 

Entertainment Showdown & Choreography Review
Friday, June 30th – 4:00pm-5:00pm
All routines are eligible to be nominated for our Entertainment Showdown and Choreography Review at our National Finals.  When a piece is nominated, it will be announced at that routine’s award ceremony and will reperform on Friday, June 30th.   

Senior Recognition
Will take place on Friday, June 30th at 8:30pm, before the final award ceremony.  We welcome all graduating seniors on stage to say a few words and be recognized for their achievements.  

Ultimate Showcase
The top 2 in each category (solo, duet/trio, small group, large group, line, production) per level (novice, intermediate, elite), per 12 & under and 13 & over age division makes it into the Ultimate Showcase.  These routines will reperform on Friday, June 30th against all other routines in their level, regardless of age.  We will announce the top 10 highest scoring routines in each level, 1st Place winners take home a cash prize. 

We will announce those routines that have made it into the Ultimate Showcase at the awards when that age division/level has been completed.  These results will also be posted at our Retail booth.  The final Ultimate Showcase performance line up will be emailed and posted on Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. 

          12 & Under Novice (includes: mini, petite, junior):  
                   Top 2: Solo                        Announced Friday                 11:15am Awards
                   Top 2: Duet/Trio              Announced Tuesday             12:00pm Awards
                   Top 2: Small Groups        Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Large Groups        Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Lines                       Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Productions           Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards

           12 & Under Intermediate (includes: mini, petite, junior):  
                   Top 2: Solo                         Announced Friday                 11:15am Awards
                   Top 2: Duet/Trio                Announced Thursday            11:45am Awards
                   Top 2: Small Groups          Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Large Groups          Announced Thursday            11:45am Awards
                   Top 2: Lines                        Announced Thursday             6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Productions

         12 & Under Elite (includes: mini, petite, junior):  
                  Top 2: Solo                          Announced Friday                 11:15am Awards
                  Top 2: Duet/Trio                 Announced Thursday            11:45am Awards
                  Top 2: Small Groups           Announced Thursday             6:45pm Awards
                  Top 2: Large Groups           Announced Thursday             6:45pm Awards
                  Top 2: Lines                          Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards
                  Top 2: Productions              Announced Thursday            6:45pm Awards

 13 & Over Novice (includes: teen/senior):
                  Top 2: Solo                            Announced Wednesday       10:25pm Awards
                  Top 2: Duet/Trio                   Announced Thursday            10:45pm Awards
                  Top 2: Small Groups             Announced Tuesday             10:40pm Awards
                  Top 2: Lines
                  Top 2: Productions    
          13 & Over Intermediate (includes: teen/senior):  
                   Top 2: Solo                            Announced Thursday             6:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Duet/Trio                   Announced Thursday             10:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Small Groups             Announced Thursday             11:45am Awards
                   Top 2: Large Groups             Announced Wednesday        7:00pm Awards
                   Top 2: Lines                            Announced Wednesday       7:00pm Awards
                   Top 2: Productions               Announced Thursday             11:45am Awards

          13 & Over Elite (includes: teen/senior):  
                   Top 2: Solo                             Announced Wednesday       10:25pm Awards
                   Top 2: Duet/Trio                    Announced Thursday            10:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Small Groups              Announced Thursday            10:45pm Awards
                   Top 2: Large Groups              Announced Thursday             11:45am Awards
                   Top 2: Lines                            Announced Wednesday         7:00pm Awards 
                   Top 2: Productions               Announced Thursday              11:45am Awards

Absolutely no photography or videography allowed.  Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the premises.  This is for the safety of your dancers and choreography.  Photos and videos can be viewed on the DanceBug App and purchased at www.dancebug.com .

Live Stream
Have family and friends that cannot attend in person, no worries!   CRU Dance 2023 National Finals will be livestreamed directly on our website and on the DanceBug app.

Important: Please be mindful that optimum streaming will rely solely on the strength of the WIFI signal at the host venue.  Several factors including WIFI, weather conditions, and/or technical difficulties may affect viewing quality and/or interruptions in service.  These are factors that are beyond CRU Dance and DanceBug’s control and as such we appreciate everyone’s patience should service be affected.

Master Classes

Absolutely FREE complimentary master classes for all National Company Dancers.

Non-Company dancers can purchase a la carte or purchase our total access package. To purchase, please go to our retail table.

A La Carte
$30/per master class
$50/LA Studio’s Premier master class
Total Value = $230


Total Access Package
$150 for ALL 6 master classes & LA Studio’s premier master class
Total Access Package Savings = $80!

Scholarships & prizes will be awarded in each master class.

LA Studio’s Premier Master Class / Opening Number

There will be a 12 & Under master class and a 13 & Over master class. Any dancer that participates in the master class will automatically be in the opening number, will perform before the National Companies Showcase on Saturday & Sunday.

Dancers participating in this premier master class should bring black leggings, black top, and black jazz shoes to perform.

Master Class Schedule

Tuesday, June 25th

12 & Under – Hip Hop, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Hip Hop, Cafeteria

12 & Under – Musical Theater, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Musical Theater, Cafeteria

Wednesday, June 26th

12 & Under – Jazz, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Jazz, Cafeteria

12 & Under – Lyrical, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Lyrical, Cafeteria

Thursday, June 27th

12 & Under – Jazz Funk, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Tap, Cafeteria

12 & Under – Contemporary, Dance Studio
13 & Over – Contemporary, Cafeteria

Friday, June 28th

12 & Under – LA Studio’s, Cafeteria

13 & Over – LA Studio’s, Cafeteria

Opening Number Rehearsal, Cafeteria

Live Stream

Don’t miss out on the 2019 CRU Dance National Finals action! Keep up with CRU Dance 2019 Nationals by accessing the 24/7 livestream here on our website.

Be sure to let your friends and family from afar know!

Important – Please be mindful that optimum streaming will rely solely on the strength of the WIFI signal at the host venue. Several factors including WIFI strength, weather conditions, and/or technical difficulties may affect viewing quality and/or interruptions in service. These are factors that are beyond CRU Dance and DanceBug’s control and as such we appreciate everyone’s patience should service be affected.