CRU Dance will be awarding one Stand Out Teacher Award per regional. This Stand out Teacher will then be in the running for our Teacher of the Year at our National Finals. This is designed to recognize outstanding individuals that go above and beyond in our dance industry.


  1. Submit nomination form
  2. Post a picture of you and your candidate/or just your candidate on
    Instagram, with the following: @crudance #crudanceteacheroftheyear

Nomination Dates

Dearborn, MI & Minneapolis, MN Feb 17th
Chicago, IL Feb 24th
Dayton, OH Mar 3rd
Waterford, MI Mar 10th
Toledo, OH Mar 17th
Kansas City, MO Mar 24th
Grand Rapids, MI & Omaha, NE Apr 7th
Indianapolis, IN Apr 14th
Brighton, MI & St. Louis, MO Apr 21st
Albuquerque, NM Apr 28th

2023 Nomination Form