Entries are accepted on a first come basis.

Studio directors determine the level of each dancer. Each routine’s level is determined by the majority level of the dancers registered and is automatically generated by our registration system.

Since no competition can know how many hours of class a week each dancer takes, it’s up to the judgment of the studio director to choose competition levels for their dancers. Every year you may need to adjust the level of each of your dancers before registering.

We accept entries through studios and as independents.

To see if your studio qualifies and how to obtain our early bird discount, go to www.crudance.com/registration and scroll down for details and mail in form. 

Studio Directors determine the level of each dancer based on the following criteria.  Please carefully read below to determine the proper placement.

Inclusion Level – Division is for dancer with special needs. Adjudication only.

Novice Level – Division is for beginner dancers who take 3 or less hours of dance per week and have had limited or no competition experience.

Intermediate Level – Division is for intermediate dancers who take 5 or less hours of dance per week and have have previous competition experience.

Elite Level – Division is for advanced dancers who take 5 or more hours of dance per week and have previous competition experience.

Solos – Dancers with more than one solo, must compete in the same level for all.

Duet/Trios – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine. If 50/50, teacher’s discretion.

Small/Large Groups – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine.

Lines/Productions – The majority level out of dancers determine the level of the routine.

Acro – Routine containing acrobatic and gymnastic moves. Choreography must also contain 50% dance technique.

Ballet – Routine consisting of classical ballet movement and technique, ballet slippers only.

Clogging – Routine consisting of clogging technique.

Contemporary – Routine consisting of contemporary jazz/lyrical technique.

Drill/Pom – Routine consisting of Pom technique.

Ethnic – Routine consisting of any ethnic style of dance (African, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, etc.).

Hip Hop – Routine consisting of mostly hip hop or street style moves.

Jazz – Routine consisting of primarily jazz technique.

Lyrical – Routine where dancers interpret the lyrics of a song.

Modern – Interpretive routine in modern style.

Musical Theater – Routine choreographed to a song from a Broadway or movie musical.

Open – Routine consisting of more than one style of dance or that does not fit into any other category.

Pointe – Routine containing pointe technique. At least 50% of the dancers must be on pointe.

Tap – Routine consisting of tap technique.

*Only 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted in all categories besides acrobatic/open.  An acrobatic trick is considered anything where both feet pass over the head. 

*Soloist may not compete against themselves in a given genre. Soloists may only place once in the high score rankings.

Solos 2:45 minutes
Solo Titles 2:45 minutes
Duet/Trios 2:45 minutes
Small Groups 3 minutes
Large Groups 4 minutes
Lines 5 minutes
Productions 8 minutes

Extended time is available to purchase on registration site.

Solos 1 dancer
A dancer can only place once in overall, this will be the highest scoring solo.
Solo Titles 1 dancer
Duet/Trios 2-3 dancers
Small Groups 4-9 dancers
Large Groups 10-19 dancers
Lines 20+ dancers
Productions 20+ dancers
Production routines must have a storyline, plot, or narrative throughout, like that of a film, book, play, etc. to them.

Ultimate Title Solos – 
Any solo competing for Ultimate Title will not be eligible to be in the solo category overalls.  This is a separate category than our solo category. 
A dancer can only place once in the Ultimate Title overall, this will be the highest scoring solo.  Only Elite level dancers may go for Ultimate Title.  

Mini       7 & under
Petite    8-9
Junior    10-12
Teen      13-15
Senior   16-19
Adult    20 & up

Dancer’s age is determined by their age as of January 1st, 2024.

Any dancer who is visible on stage once the routine has started and prior to end of the routine will be considered a dancer and is subject to age division and group size rules. Please contact our office for further details.

For groups, age division is determined by average age. Age is rounded up if it falls .5 or higher. For example: average age is 12.5, that routine would be in the 13 age division.

Every routine will be judged according to the competition level, age, and category by a panel of 3 judges.

Each judge will use a 100 point scale and score based up technique, showmanship, precision execution of genre, and overall effect.

Dancers who exit the stage prior to the end of their routine, may perform again for adjudication only, will be excluded from overalls.

The decision of the judges are final and each judge will give a verbal critique for each entry.

Score Sheets will be emailed to studio directors by end of day Monday following the competition weekend.

Video commentary will be available on www.videojudge.com the Monday following the competition weekend. Studio directors will use their dancebug registration log in information to access.

Novice Level
Ultimate Elite    279-300
Superior             258-278.9
Outstanding      237-257.9
Excellent Top    216-236.9

Intermediate Level
Ultimate Elite   285-300
Superior            270-284.9
Outstanding     255-269.9
Excellent Top   240-254.9

Elite Level
Ultimate Star    297-300    (*NEW in 2024*)
Ultimate Elite   288-296.9
Superior            273-287.9
Outstanding     258-272.9
Excellent Top   243-257.9

All solo entries will receive an adjudication medal.

All duet/trio & group entries will receive an adjudication pin.

Stand Out Teacher Award is given to the teacher that has gone above and beyond in our dance industry, these teachers are nominated prior to competition on our website.

Collective Contemporary Award is given to a routine that displays artistic innovation.

Emcee Specials are given at each award ceremony at the discretion of CRU Dance Staff.

CRU Dance National Companies selections are done at all of our regional events. These dancers have the opportunity to perform at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL and participate in the Disney Dance Experience at Disney World in Orlando, FL. 

Top 10 High Score will be given in each competition level, age, division. 10th-4th places will receive high score certificate and 3rd-1st places will receive high score certificate and trophy.

Cash awards are given when there are 10 or more entries in an high score overall in the Intermediate & Elite Level.  No cash awards are given in the Novice level.

Soloists may only place once with their highest scoring routine.

Ultimate Title Runner ups receive runner up crowns/hats and certificates.  Ultimate Title Winners receive certificate, winner crown/hat, trophy, and banner.  Dancers must be in the Elite level.

Student Choreography winner receives certificate.

Judge’s Choice Awards are given out at the final award ceremony for 12 & under and 13 & over by our CRU Dance Judges.

Spotlight Awards are given out at the final award ceremony for 12 & under and 13 & over by our CRU Dance Judges. Consists of Best Precision, Best Technique, Dare to be Different, Rising Stars, and Best Presentation.

ADCC Studio of Excellence Award is given to the studio displaying the most studio spirit, enthusiasm, and exceptional sportsmanship through the competition. The winner will receive a plaque on stage.

CRU Dance Scholarships toward National Finals master classes will be awarded to dancers by the CRU Dance Staff.

Entertainment Showdown Runner up and Winner are routines that have been nominated to re-perform at the end of the competition based on entertainment value. Runner Up and Winner receive banners.

Choreography Review Runner Up and Winner  are routines that been nominated to re-perform at the end of the competition based on choreography innovation, storytelling, and composition. Runner Up and Winner receive banners.

**NEW in 2024** Top Highest Scoring Novice, Intermediate, and Elite Group (small group, large group, line, or production.  13 & over excludes Adult age division) are announced in both age divisions at the final 12 & under and 13 & over award ceremonies for the weekend.  Top high score in the intermediate and elite levels receive cash awards.  

Props must be set up and removed in a timely fashion. IF your dance/prop includes anything that will litter the stage, YOU must be prepared to clean the stage.

None of the following props are permitted:

  • Swords, knives, or any other sharp objects
  • Fire in any form (candles, torches, etc.)
  • Fog or smoke
  • Helium balloons
  • Special lighting

All props must be Marley safe. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, powder or paint may be used that will physically alter the surface of the Marley floor.

Prop set-up and break down time should take less than 30 seconds. Dances requiring more time will need to purchase an extension to avoid penalties, please contact our office at 631-764-0641.

Any props that require assembly with nails or screws need to be completed in a designated area. There can be absolutely NO sharp objects such as nails or screws allowed loose in the performance areas at any time.

All contestants must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.

In the event that the competition is ahead of schedule, competing routines must be ready to perform 2 hours prior to scheduled time. Routines must perform on their designated day and in the order stated in the program to be eligible for high score awards.

At National Finals, dancers can be replaced, if necessary, as long as 50% or more of the original dancers are in the routine. Teachers are required to notify CRU Dance of these replacements.

CRU Dance reserves the right to cancel a competition if a minimal number of entries are not received. In such cases, Payment will be refunded.

2 weeks prior to the competition event schedules will be emailed to directors to proofread and ensure all routines names, dancers, and levels are correct. Final schedule will be emailed to director and posted online 1 week prior to competition

All music must be uploaded on dancebug the Tuesday before the competition event.

Studio owners must bring back up files of each routine via laptop, phone, flash drive (mp3 format & each file should be labeled with the 3 digit entry # and routine name and studio letter. Example: 002 Unsteady Studio K)

CRU Dance is not responsible for the quality of your music.

If the music stops for any reason, the dancers will be given the opportunity to re-perform without penalty. Please note – CRU Dance will NOT tell dancers to stop performing, that decision is left to the teacher or dancer’s discretion.

It is agreed upon entering any CRU Dance sponsored event that CRU Dance and its staff, its sponsors, the hotel, theater or site of the convention or competition will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating or attending these events. CRU Dance cannot be held responsible for unforeseen flaws in theater stages that may inadvertently lead to the causing of an accident. Persons entering the competition and/or participating as a spectator or in any other aspect MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury. It is the responsibility of the dance teacher and/or person in charge of a participating group to educate all entrants, their parents, and attendees on the rules and policies of CRU Dance.

Participation in any CRU DANCE sponsored event indicates permission to use any photographs or video taken during the event in promotional purposes including, newspapers, brochures, ads, television, videos, newsletters, Internet or any other commercial use.

CRU Dance assumes no responsibility for forgotten costumes, photographs, awards, or other items.

Participants agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the competition shall be solely within the discretion of the Director of CRU Dance and that all results of a competition are final. Judges break all ties. No teacher, student, or parent will question a judge. The Director has the right to change the manner and method at any time deemed necessary. The Director of the CRU Dance competition reserves the rights to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed necessary.

CRU Dance reserves the right, when necessary, to move a competition site or to expand a competition to a multiple day event.

ABSOLUTELY NO personal videography or photography is permitted during a performance. Failure to abide by these rules may result in disqualification; CRU Dance reserves the right to have anyone violating this rule removed from the facility.

Dancebug Videos & Photos will be available for purchase on www.dancebug.com or the DanceBug app.

Video cameras and flash photography are welcomed during award ceremonies.

No food, snacks, or beverages are allowed on stage, this includes all award ceremonies.

CRU Dance reserves the right to refuse the entry of any studio.

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